Legend of the Hackteufel

Before the dam at Karlstor (Karl´s Gate) was built the “Hackteufel” was the name of a narrow passage at this spot in the Neckar Valley where raging currents and submerged rocks made life difficult for fishermen and navigators. As one legend says, if a ship went under, it was because a demon (the “Hackteufel”) was hooking down men and ship into the churning depths of the Neckar. The street on the Neckar between the Karlstor (Karl´s Gate) and the Alte Brücke (Old Bridge) was named the Hackteufel in memory of this legend.

The hotel

The hotel and restaurant Hackteufel is a house with a long tradtion. It was mentioned in a document in the 16th century for the first time and renamed the „Gasthof Grüner Baum“ („Green tree inn“) in 1836. In 1954 it was acquired by the Scholl familiy and was completely renovated. The following year the restaurant „Hackteufel“ was opened and one year later the hotel with th same name. In 1986 there was the last bigger renovation. Today the building is still owned by the Scholl familiy but the opened, too. Hotelmanager Isabel Hellmich is running the hotel and restaurant as leaseholder since 2007 now.

Year Event
2017 Opening of the wine bar in the Steingasse 5
2015 The Hackteufel celebrates its 60th anniversary
2007 Mrs. Isabel Hellmich takes over the management of the Hotel & Restaurant Hackteufel
1959 The Hotel Hackteufel opens its doors
1955 This year, the restaurant "Hackteufel" opens for the first time under its new name
1954 Acquisition of the inn "Grüner Baum" by the Scholl family
1836 Renaming of the inn in "Grüner Baum"
16th Century First mention of the traditional inn "Schildgerechtigkeit zum Türkischen Kaiser"