Saisonal menu goose an truffle     

Creamsoup of pumpkin, with coconut milk, ginger and pumkin oil (vegan) 7,90                                                                       

Lamb´s lettuce with cocktail tomatoes, pomegranate, oliveoil and balsamic  8,50

Bread dumpling with mushrooms in cream sauce and salad 16,90

Truffle-risotto with Parmesan cheese and Lamb´s lettuce 18,90                                                                                                   

Venison goulash with cranberry pear and homemade spaetzle 22,90

Grilled chicken breast with truffle-risotto, Parmesan cheese and Lamb´s lettuce 24,90                                                 

Pan fried pike perch filet with truffle-risotto, Parmesan cheese and Lamb´s lettuce 26,90                                                                                        

Goose leg or breast with caramelized chestnuts, red cabbage and potato dumpling 32,90             

Baked apple with vanilla sauce 7,50

 Mulled wine (red)  4,50                                                                  

 Traditional menu

 Palatinate potato soup (with meat), baguette 6,90

Small salad with house dressing 5,50

Obazda (cream cheese) with little radishes and big pretzel 8,50

Soft cheese with onions, vinaigrette, butter and brown bread 9,50

 Homemade pasta baked with cheese, onions and side salad 14,90

Sheep milk cheese pan with tomato sauce, olives, onions, peppers and baguette 14,90

 Homemade vegan „meat balls“ with guacamole and salads 16,90

Smoked salmon with cream horseradish and hash browns 16,90

Big salad with grilled chicken breast, sweet chili sauce and baguette 15,90

Mixed salad with stripes of sirloin steak, baguette 16,90

Homemade meat stuffed ravioli with bacon and onion gravy, salad and potato salad 16,90

Homemade cold jellied beef with Tartar sauce and fried potatoes 16,00

1 pair of coarse sausages with gravy, salad and potato salad 14,90

Palatinate sausage with onions, gravy, sauerkraut and hash browns 17,50

Thin German pizza with bacon, crème fraîche and spring onions 11,90

Thin German pizza with goat cheese, mozzarella cheese, walnuts, honey and rocket salad 15,90

Spicy goulash of beef with homemade pasta 18,90

Pork roast with bread dumpling and apple red cabbage17,80

Grilled pork knuckle (pickled) with gravy, sauerkraut and bread dumpling 18,90

Breaded pork escalope with melted cheese and fried potatoes 19,50

Sauerkraut platter with spicy sausage, Palatinate sausage, pork belly, gravy, bread dumpling 18,90

Breaded veal escalope “Vienna style” with potato salad 26,50

 (Small portion) 19,00

 Palatinate sirloin steak with sauteed onions, gravy and brown bread 26,90

Sirloin steak with cranberries-horseradish and baked with sauce Hollandaise, fried potatoes, side salad 31,90

Side dishes:

Fried potatoes  -Homemade pasta) Potato salad  Hash browns  -   4,50 each

Dumpling -  Gravy or cream sauce  2,50 each

Cranberries 3,00



 Apple strudel with vanilla sauce, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream 9,50

Crème brûlée 6,90

Warm chocolate cake with vanilla sauce and whipped cream 8,00

Home baked cheese cake with whipped cream 4,90

Mixed ice cream with whipped cream 6,00

Red fruit pudding with vanilla sauce 6,50

Lemon sherbet with sparkling wine 6,50

Vanilla ice cream with tipsy cherries and whipped cream 8,50

Gingerbread parfait with punch plums 9,90